How can I be sure PLH Analytics reflects my most recent data?

It is important to make sure your students are signing in to their accounts when they practice. If they don’t sign in, PLH  can’t track their progress and your PLH Analytics data won’t accurately reflect their practice.

When running reports, take note of the different options you can use to sort your data, such as filtering by skill grade or date range, and select the ones that best fit your needs.

How do I export my students’ scores?

Teachers, to export your students’ scores:

  1. Sign in to your teacher account.
  2. From Analytics, click Scores.
  3. Select your preferences, such as filtering by class or subject.
  4. Click , found next to the Score Grid title.
  5. Choose report view or gradebook view.
  6. Click Export to transfer the SmartScore data.

A CSV file will be downloaded and available for your spreadsheet needs!

How do I print an PLH Analytics report?

To print an PLH Analytics report, navigate to the report and click , found next to the report’s title. A PDF version of the report will be generated. Then, just print the file using the printing feature of your browser or PDF viewer. You can also save it for later use!

How can I find an PLH Analytics report that best suits my needs?

Teachers, head on over to your Analytics Dashboard. Here you can instantly access real-time data about your students’ practice, like the number of skills practiced and how close they are to the next milestone. To delve deeper into your students’ data for actionable insights, take a look at the Explore PLH Analytics section. Just click on any area that you want to know more about—such as Trouble Spots or Progress—for a detailed, informative report that you can tailor to your interests.

If you are a student or parent, click on Analytics to easily access usage details, trouble spots, question logs, and progress reports. Each individual report can also be customized to your specific needs by using the options at the top of the report page.

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