Do I have to use full first and last names for students in my roster?

Nope! If you’d rather use initials for a student’s first or last name, you can. Both fields are required though, so make sure to enter the student’s information on your roster, whether you use full name or initials.

Can I change a student’s username and password?

Students’ usernames and passwords are stored in your roster. You can edit any roster information, except for the student’s username and subject.

To change a password, find the student in your roster. Click on the student’s current password. It will then become editable. Type in the new password, and click Save. The change will be reflected in the student’s profile as well.

If a student’s username contains a typo, you can contact us to fix it. If you are on a site license, please contact your PLH administrator.

To send yourself a list of all usernames and passwords, click E-mail me a list of students’ usernames and passwords at the top of your roster. You can also e-mail individual usernames and passwords to all the students who have valid e-mail addresses associated with their accounts.

Why can’t I add another student to my roster?

For classroom licenses:

To add a new student to your existing roster, create another row by clicking Add students at the bottom of your roster, and enter the student’s information.

If you can’t add another student to your roster, you may have reached your student limit. There is a status bar at the bottom of your roster to let you know how many student accounts are in use. When you have reached your maximum, you can’t add more students until you delete existing students’ accounts from your roster to make room or purchase access for more students. To remove a student from your roster, click the red X. To purchase more accounts, contact orders@plh.com.

For site licenses:

For site licenses, there is a list of preloaded names to choose from for your roster. Search for the student’s name by typing the first few letters, and select the match from the list. PLH will add the student’s information to your roster. If the student’s name isn’t on the list, you can manually add him or her to your roster.

If there are no more available student accounts on your site license, there will be a warning notice at the bottom of your roster when you try to add a student. Please contact your administrator if you need to add more student accounts.

How do I edit student info on my roster?

You can access your roster from your account menu.

To go to your roster:

  1. Sign in to your IXL teacher account.
  2. Open your account menu in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Dashboard.

From your roster, you can create and manage your student accounts. If you have any additional questions, please take a look at the Class rosters section of the help center.

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